A Note From Our Founder

My name is Carsey Merchant, and I’m honored to introduce you to Indica Consulting.

We are a team of cannabis industry veterans who have done a lot, seen a lot, and survived a lot, and we’ve come together to help forward thinking companies solve difficult problems. We are also proudly female owned and operated.

If you’ve been in the cannabis industry more than 5 minutes, you’re already aware of the unique challenges companies face every day. The cannabis industry has been taken advantage of by fast talkers with false promises. Both licensed operators and ancillary service providers spend their money and resources putting out daily fires and adjusting to a constantly evolving market. This causes immense disruption to businesses that inhibit your ability to profitably succeed.

Indica Consulting was founded to solve those problems. With the help of the Indica Collective, our network of industry thought leaders and experts, we provide companies with solutions that work the first time. Aligning solutions for compliance, education, technology, business and market strategy, operations, culture and more – we can help untangle complex problems because we have been through them and know the challenges. This is where we shine!

Indica Consulting is our opportunity to make the cannabis industry better, and we’re doing it because we believe in T.H.I.S. – Trust, Honor, Integrity, and Service. We hope our passion and our values stand out to you, too.

We can’t wait to work with you,

Carsey Merchant, MPH

Founder & Managing Partner

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